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Ways to improve:

1. Telemedicine and e-health offer low-threshold access to healthcare.

2. Digitization: redundant processes can be avoided, quality increased and costs reduced.

3. The New Work approach makes it easier to retain staff and attract new staff.

4. Digital processes reduce the workload for healthcare staff. Own study in Swiss long-term care 2021: Before the introduction of digital care documentation, the administrative burden in terms of time was 47%, afterwards it was 33.5% (N = 51 Swiss care facilities/ experts).

5. The digital patient record as a win-win situation.

Active areas: excellence in healthcare and nursing, digitization, e-health and telemedicine. Our extended experience with patient processes allows us to generate practical solutions.

Main topics: #digitalhealth #nursingstaff #digitization #transformation #fightrecession - knowledge to fight inflation, staff shortage and recession.

Article New Work - Retention Management Nursing Staff

New Work and Retention Management in the Health Sector

A Response to the Staff Shortage in the Healthcare Sector

- Author Profile

Scenarios and outlook from energy crisis to economic development

Fiscal policy – economic cycle and developments in the energy crisis - scenarios and outlook from energy crisis to economic development

Fiscal policy and its impact based on the assumptions of John Maynard Keynes, the state should primarily influence aggregate demand in order to improve employment in the economy. Government spending and government revenues are to be directed countercyclically, i.e. against the business cycle.

International Healthcare

Rethinking The Healthcare Landscape

Own subject areas to reimagine the realm of healthcare.

- Value-based healthcare as a contribution against staff shortages

- Employer Branding

- Patient-centered quality care

- Digitization of the healthcare system and interoperability

- New workspace self-determined work culture

- Nursing4.0

- Lean approach

Find more about this:

Value-based healthcare in the new workspace – resilience versus efficiency.

A New Workspace Guide - a new digitized workspace as well as self-determined work culture in the fight against the shortage of skilled nursing staff as well as collapse of health care.

health2.0 - great event with several international experts in the healthcare industry.

NEWSLETTER Nursing4.0 - Modern Workplace Guide

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 Article Scenarios in Stagflation (German)

 Maturity Model for Self-Assessment (German)


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